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It is 8 minutes from Fybeca Challuabamba, close to the Supermaxi, Plaza Sur, German School, among others; in the upper part of Challuabamba in Cuenca city, in Ecuador

It is a geologically stable terrain with flat parts and others with moderate inclination.

Immediate access to electricity, telephones, Internet, and drinking water from Etapa.

If you enter through Guangarcucho, the road is paved up to 200 meters before reaching the Mirador de Challuabamba.

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Site Planning

Vista privilegiada de Cuenca, Azogues, Biblián, Cerro de Cojitambo, etc.

We have 4 km of internal roads up to 10 meters wide, irrigation infrastructure, 17 rainwater reservoirs, among others.​

Multiple amenities, designed to add value to your investment and maintain long-term harmony with nature.​

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Lotes desde 1000 m² 

Para viviendas, con amplios espacios, desde 1000 hasta 3000 m².

Diseñados para aprovechar la topografía del terreno y garantizar a futuro vías y servicios básicos.

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