Mirador de Challuabamba, Challuabamba viewpoint, urbanism and nature

The Mirador de Challuabamba is designed to maintain long-term harmony with nature, the roads, paths and trails have been carefully designed, and many lots have rainwater reservoirs, dikes, canals, grit traps and amenities such as monoliths and stops.

Internal Roads

4 km of private roads

Vehicular access to all lots in an orderly manner, with main roads up to 10 meters wide and secondary roads from 4 meters wide, mostly technically ballasted.​

Water reservoirs

18 rainwater reservoirs

Some exclusive lots have a rainwater reservoir, each reservoir with its grit traps, water inlets and outlets, guarantee the irrigation capacity for crops, plants, and trees..

18 rainwater reservoirs​


Rainwater reservoirs​

Dams and canals

3 dams and 3 km of water channels

With a technical design, they ensure the correct flow of water, avoiding erosion and flooding, and increasing the useful life of the built roads.​

Dams and water channels​

Monoliths and stations

Monoliths and various stations

Some lots have decorative elements, designed in harmony with the topography of the land.​

Various Stations​

Decorative elements​


Access to the Mirador de Challuabamba

It has 3 private accesses to internal roads, additionally some lots have double access both through internal roads and directly from public roads.​