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Very close to Cuenca City

8 minutes from the commercial area of Challuabamba, near the city of Cuenca in the Andean region of Ecuador.​

It is a growing area, with various public and private works, from electricity, drinking water, Internet, to important schools and private colleges.​

Geographical data​

Technical data​

Located in the upper part of the Challuabamba development pole, on the outskirts of the city of Cuenca, in Ecuador.​

  • Coordinates: 2º 52' 22.77" South, 78º 54' 02.66" West​
  • Elevation: 2665 mamsl
  • Area: 24 hectares
  • Climate: Cool and cloudy summers and short, dry and partially cloudy winters, it rains less than in Cuenca​

It is a geologically stable terrain with flat parts and others with moderate inclination.​

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It is an area with high growth potential at the level of housing, hotels, holiday villas, with high surplus value. The large lots of land are ideal for medium to high value properties.

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What's near?​

Centro Comercial Plaza Sur

Supermarket, clothing stores, computers, beauty, pets and food court! Distancia: 8 minutos

Fybeca, Suiza, Cruz Azul

The most important pharmacy chain in the country, prescription and non-prescription medicines, basic necessities, and home delivery!​Distancia: 8 minutos


The largest supermarket chain in the country, everything for your home, with more than 100 parking spaces!​Distancia: 9 minutos

German High School

One of the best private bilingual educational centers in the city, with a large campus, kindergarten, elementary school and high school! Distancia: 10 minutos

Unidad Educativa Verbo

A well known Christian Educational Center, with modern facilities, and levels for kindergarten, elementary school and high school! Distancia: 12 minutos

Cuenca​ Downtown

Challuabamba is part of the city of Cuenca, a World Cultural Heritage Site, the third most important city in Ecuador, with a population of 662,000 inhabitants. The center of Cuenca is the cultural heart of the city ​Distancia: 18 minutos

Vehicle Access

All roads lead to Mirador de Challuabamba:

  • High Way Cuenca-Azogues Km xx - Ucubamba - El Arenal de Nulti - Guagualzhumi - Vía a Llatcon  - Mirador de Challuabamba
  • High Way  Cuenca-Azogues Km xx - Challuabamba - Tablon de Challuabamba - Mirador de Challuabamba
  • El Molle - Puculoma - Mirador de Challuabamba (Proyecto de Vía)
  • Intercambiador de Guangarcucho - San Juan Pamba - Llatcon - Mirador de Challuabamba
  • Paccha - La Dolorosa - Guagualzhumi - Mirador de Challuabamba
  • Jadan - Llatcon - Mirador de Challuabamba

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"Challuabamba" is a special urban area of the​ City of Cuenca because it is slightly separated from the great urban center of Cuenca, it has a great urban development.

Challuabababma has become a development pole for the city of Cuenca; important private developments, mansions, luxurious country houses, and important production plants are being built in this area.

Meaning of Challuabamba​

"Challuabamba", is a name in the native Quichua language means "Laguna de Peces"

On the other hand, many of the municipal development plans are focused on this area, including the new Guangarcucho sewage treatment plant, the Cuenca - Azogues highway, nearby industrial estates, the Gualaceo highway project to the eastern cantons, etc.​